babaylan consciousnous

Grow roots deep enough
for generosity
to sow seeds for others you love
... those you do not know
...unseen generations you will never meet...

Let your anger ignite change
Let the Fire in you burn
for Giving Life---not taking it

Apply Truth not
for judgement and condemnation...
but for Understanding
The Lessons of Life...
the Way of your Path... and others'

Find that which washes away
fragmentation, disembodiment
seek healing in your life...
Bring healing to others

Be of service not
to your Attachments and Expectations
but rather to that inside
of you that Loves

Deeper Still

Let Eternal Inspiration
flow through you

You are the Children
Fruit of Marriage
of Father and Mother...

Heaven and Earth...

Langit at Daigdig

Langit kag Kalibutan

Uphold your bond to
All Essence...
of the nameless
I AM All rights reserved. PPD ©2003