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Imagery for the Filipino Soul

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Myth and mythological images convey archetypal ideas and meanings and can be very powerful keys to doorways that lead one to their lakas ng loob (deepest inner power).

Please enjoy the free postcards, desktop and screensavers images. I created these artistic images with the intention for them to be shared with Filipino seekers and other curious visitors. It would give me great pleasure to know that they are downloaded and in turn shared in beneficial ways to remind you and inspire you of your ancestry and the noblest spirits that are in you. You may feel free to send them to others for free use. Please do not re-distribute them in any commercial ways.

I have also provided links and images of mutya at diwata (goddesses and fairies). You will be able to get your own Amy Brown Art cards and ready-to-frame prints of these images at the store links provided.

If you have your own favorite online art and links to recommend please contact me!

May you receive this in openness and your life be enriched by it.

If you have any links and resources to share, please email me.


Ever out of Love.


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