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Mga Diwata at Mga Mutya

Myth and mythological images convey archetypal ideas and meanings and can be very powerful keys to doorways that lead one to their lakas ng loob (deepest inner power). I grew up loving Greek and Roman mythology, Celtic legends and many other European fairy tales. Growing up in the Philippines I found some artists' works in great masterpieces and in comic books. Today have I found new imagery online that fulfills the mythological images of Philippine faces.

I am enthralled with Amy Brown's work as she has created a diverse range of fairy imagery that captures not only the faces of the European fairies that I grew up so fondly with, but she also renders the faces in exotic eyes and skin tones, capturing the looks and ancestry of people like me---a Filipina. Thank you Amy Brown. You will be able to get your own Amy Brown Art cards and ready-to-frame prints of these images at the store links provided.

I hope you will find enjoyment with these images and links of fairies, diwata (enchantress, earth spirit, muse) and mutya (goddesses).

Geejay Arriola Philippine Goddess Art: click here>>

Diwata by Carmen Calonge-Moerman click here>>

Amy Brown Faery and Mermaid Art:
click picture to order 4x6 card or 8x11 print.

All rights reserved. amy Brown.

Visit her site at to order cards and prints.

Also, will soon be selling these cards online.

More Imagery for the Filipino Soul

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May you receive this in openness and your life be enriched by it.

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