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Poems|Prayers|RitualsFor the Filipino Soul on a Journey

The Gentle Art of Blessing, by Pierre Pradervand
English | Tagalog

Bahala Meditations

Affirmations for Raising Consciousness
(from the Light Shift web site)
English | Tagalog

Prayers for Peace From Around the World

The Great Invocation
English | Tagalog

Prayers in Pilipino

Also try Grace Nono music. The names of her CDs are Opo, Isang Buhay and Diwa. Her Filipino songs are at the same time like poetry and like prayers...they are truly uplifting.

For now this is what I have to share in the time given me. More to come as I find time to work on the site.

Choose for your own spiritual practice that which feels right for you. And if you are unsure and even afraid, ask for Divine Loving Guidance. It is always there---you only have to ask.

May you receive this in openness and your life be enriched by it.

If you have any links and resources to share, please email me.


Ever out of Love.


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