Affirmations for Shifting Light (Raising Consciousness)

I align my mind and heart with all the intelligence and goodness of Spirit
to realize the true abundance intended for me

I know in each moment
I am free to choose

I know my attitude completely shifts my reality

I know I am totally responsible for everything that happens in my life

My past is nothing more than the path I've left behind
What drives my life is the energy I generate in each of my present moments

Reflecting on the path of my past provides a treasure chest to learn from and do better than

I release my doubts by knowing there is a valid reason for everything that happens

I realize I am always free to let go and observe my life

I let go of my regrets about the past and anxieties about the future

The closer I listen the more profound the Silence becomes

I know that my Highest Self
is always present to elevate me to the real world beyond my senses

I know I can connect my mind to be One
with the Divine Mind where there is peace in any moment

I know my self love is the gateway to all love

I know I am strengthened as I seek to make Truth my personal reality

I know that at the very essence of my Being
the way of transforming my Life is through Love

My judgements prevent me from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances
I release my judgements to know what is real

I know I am already whole
I need not chase after anything to be complete

I am aware I do not need to dominate anyone
To be spiritually awake

I will live this day from my purest intentionsfor the highest good of all

I will radiate my Sacred Self outward for the collective good of all as a radiant spark of the LightShift


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May you receive this in openness and your life be enriched by it.

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Ever out of Love.


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