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Book Recommendations for Filipino Seekers:

I would like to share some book titles that you may enjoy if you are on a lakaran or path. This list was last updated around 2006. Please be sure to also visit the Babaylan Files blogspot and search for more recent book recommendations there. That list is maintained by several babaylan inspired women.

Some on Filipino Spirituality

  • The Filipino Spiritual Culture, Reprint Series No. 1
    by Dr. Teresita B. Obusan and Angelina Enriquez. 1994.
  • Pakikipagkapwa: The Pamathalaan Approach to Leadership.
    Ed. by Dr. Teresita B. Obusan. 1998.
  • Filipino Popular Devotions: the Interior Dialogue Between Traditional Religion and Christianity,
    Ed. by Leonardo N. Mercado. 2000.
  • Banahaw: conversations with a Pilgrim to the Power Mountain
    by Vitaliano R. Gorospe, S.J. 1992.
  • Roots of Filipino Spirituality,
    Ed. by Teresita B. Obusan. 1998

    and also

  • Saysayin ng Babayin,
    by Bingbing Veloso
    (these are very, very new.... contact Mary Ann at urduja.com to get these)

Metamind Publications Bookstore - Books and Videos on hilots, healers, psychic surgery

some titles:

  • Man of Light-The Extraordinary Gifts of a Great Healer:Alex L. Orbito by Rinaldo Lampis

  • The Gifts of the Spirit by Tony Agpaoa with Commentary by Harvey Martin

  • Spirits and Scientists: Ideology, Spiritism, and Brazilian Culture by David J. Hess

  •  A Short Spiritist Doctrine with Commentary by Harvey Martin

  •  The Christian Spiritist Commentaries by Harvey Martin

  •  Psychic Surgeon of the Philippines - VHS 1 Hour

  •  Nosso Lar - A Spiritual Home (A Spiritist Classic) by Chico Xavier

  •   Broken Images, Broken Selves - Stanley Krippner

  •   Spirit and Matter - New Horizons for Medicine by Jose L. de Azevedo M.D.

  •  The Gospel - Explained by the Spiritist Doctrine by Allan Kardec

References to Babaylan and Baylan

  • Please go to the babaylanfiles blog where Jean Grier, Leny Strobel and several others are trying to bring about an online resource of books and other matters regarding Babaylan.
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NewFilipina, Inc. is an Amazon.com associate. I have started placing associates' links on book titles for your convenience. Click to learn more about the books and to purchase any that you are interested in. If you purchase one of these books after clicking the amazon.com links here, a percentage of the sale will go to the cost of running this site.

Of Major World Religions

Of Universal Wisdom

  • The Hermetica,
    by Freke and Gandy
  • Sacred Contracts,
    by Caroline Myss
  • The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary,
    by Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.
  • Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them,
    by Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.
  • The Seat of the Soul
    by Gary Zukav
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
    by Deepak Chopra
  • The Four Agreements: A Toltec Wisdom Book
    by Don Miguel Ruiz

Of Deepening your Christian Spiritual Practice, Traditional and Esoteric

Of Healing and Energy

The Rise and Uplifting of Feminine Aspect for Balance and Harmony in All.

Of the Philosophical, Psychological, Historical, Scientist's
(Left Brain-Right Brain) Approach

amazon.com associate

NewFilipina, Inc. is an Amazon.com associate. I have started placing associates' links on book titles for your convenience. Click to learn more about the books and to purchase any that you are interested in. If you purchase one of these books after clicking the amazon.com links here, a percentage of the sale will go to the cost of running this site.
  • A Book of Her Own: Words and Images to Honor the Babaylan
    by Leny Mendoza Strobel
  • Coming Full Circle: The Process of Decolonization among Post-1965 Filipino Americans
    by Leny Mendoza Strobel
  • Between the Homeland and the Diaspora
    by S. Lily Mendoza
  • Filipino Personality Indeigenous and Cross-Cultural Studies
    by A. Timothy Church and Marcia S. Katigbak
  • Filipino Philosophy
    by Rolando M. Gripaldo
  • The Filipino Mind: Philippine Philosophical Studies II
    by Leonardo M. Mercado
  • Looking for the Pre-hispanic Filipino
    by William Henry Scott
  • Kasaysayan: The Story of the Filipino People
    Encyclopedia-like set published by Reader's Digest
  • Jung's Thoughts on God: Religious Depths of the Psyche
    by Donald R. Dyer, Ph.D.
  • The Earth has a Soul: The Nature Writings of Carl Jung
    edited by Meredith Sabini
  • Destructive Emotions: How Can We Overcome them? A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama,
    An Extraordinary Collaboration Between Buddhist Scholars and Western Psychologists, Neuroscientists, and Philosophers

    Narrated by Daniel Goleman(New York Times Bestselling Author of Emotional Intelligence)
  • Working on Emotional Intelligence
    by Daniel Goleman
  • The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics
    by Gary Zukav
  • The Hidden Face of God in Science
    by Gerald L. Schroeder
  • Waking Up in Time
    Peter Russell
  • Global Brain Awakens
    Peter Russell
  • From Science to God: The Mystery of Consciousness and the Meaning of Light
    Peter Russell

A note from the artist:

For almost a decade I have been on a search... again, the pagbabalikloob discussion group and the babaylan discussion group fit perfectly in that.... I am not surprised that I found kindred spirits, like-minded souls and true babaylan women in the pagbabalikloob list serv.

....finding meditation, yoga, readings in gnosticism, kabbalah, buddhism, hinduism, native american shamanism, jungism... finding my attention steered towards the Feminine Principle of the goddess and moon cycles... becoming comfortable in my late 30s with my own messy physical cycles.

.....and looking and longing for something key... elements that would connect me to my ancestral spirituality...and now finally coming to that crucial point in physical reality that my body has been dying for it.... my body is saying "Wake up, Perla, it is time for you to take action... or else..." Will it be too late for me... and so this web site has burst forth... but my body, in its frustrating weakness...is still saying..."you are not finished"....

And so continuing on a search for something more connecting that has been elusive for me here on a remote country mountain in Connecticut.... Even when I took a two week trip back to the P.I., my budgeted time and fate did not allow me an encounter that I was hoping for...

And finally... now....here in the U.S., after having mentored young women who are looking for their connection to...something of sisterhood, of being Filipino... in love for the Philippines and who we are as Filipinas... I have found windows giving me peaks and doors that lead to what my ancestors knew and did..

For those of you who are fearful of other religions and mysterious spiritual practice... I was there once, too. Pray for guidance on how to move forward... how to explore and deepen your spirituality... how to become closer to God... pray to Jesus the Christ, God, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Buddha, Krishna, Saints, your ancestors, the Angels of Love and Goodness, and the Divinity that you trust...

For those of you who see some of the concepts and titles as "new age" become aware that what you thought of as "new" is really quite old... steeped in mystery from the East and even in the West... belittled, stigmatized and put underground by conquering and controlling forces of rulers, patriarchs, colonizers. empires... there is a rebirth of what is even older then the "traditional"... for healing and wholeness there is coming about a harmonization of that which is old and that which is even older... a marriage of understanding between that which has been embraced and traditional to that which has been subjugated and forgotten...

Here are some titles that are in my library... more to come... an ongoing work as I find the time to work on this web page and add more titles from my library add links... and find more books...

I hope this helps you if you have been on a search... looking for something... You have the choice to explore outside of what you have been taught... to make decisions for yourself... to harvest Wisdom and Truth and Light where you find it. You will find that our highest aspirations, the best and the noblest in all of us men and women around the world, no matter what religion, no matter what race, is the same. We are indeed brothers and sisters, Children of God, the Nameless/Many-Named Divine.

May you receive this in openness and your life be enriched by it.

If you have any links and resources to share, please email me.


Ever out of Love.


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